Interactive Product Visualization (IPV)

Visualize your product or idea in a fully interactive way.

Manufacturing of industrial products always involves many people, great financial resources, and high risk. Most of the products have complex components and are using process technologies which are difficult to explain and share between all parties involved in the development.

Many companies use still images and videos as a communication platform for engineers, technicians, subcontractors, and customers. These traditional 3D visualization services available on the market lack interaction, and only allow the user to be a spectator. Our solution creates a visualization which is no longer only a show-off, but also allows the user to fully interact with the product.

Our IPV solution is based on the visualization software technologies used by the video games industry. It allows the user to view and manipulate a 3D model of the product, demonstrate all its features, explain how it works, and simulate its behavior.

The IPV solution provides 3D interactive visualizations which support the complete product lifecycle:

  • Conception and design phase: The product can be visualized with high level of photorealism. This allows you to see the product before it is actually manufactured, to share your ideas with co-workers, test multiple design options, and find potential flaws in this early phase.
  • Production and testing phase: The IPV helps you to analyze the product, and demonstrates all its features. It can also be used to oversee and test assembly process of the product, and simulate its behaviors in multiple conditions.
  • Sales and marketing phase: The IPV is a unique sales and marketing tool which can be used for presentations, exhibitions and events, allowing to demonstrate the product in a fully interactive way including functions ranging from design to styling and customization.
  • Maintain and support phase: The IPV can significantly accelerate the learning process of technicians performing maintenance and support of the product. It can also reduce the cost of training equipment by replacing it with interactive visualization software that allows the training of technicians in the “safe virtual world”.

Our IPV solution uses the power of modern desktop computer hardware to produce state of the art visualizations in real-time. The product is shown as a 3D model with high level of detail based on CAD-drawings, technical documentation, and reference pictures. The user can manipulate the model in three dimensions, change the camera viewpoint, environment, configuration of the model, and appearance. Presentation can be combined with text explaining processes on the screen, sound, and music. Interaction is provided by a user interface displayed as an overlay directly on the screen and input from the mouse, keyboard, joystick, or touchscreen.

Our solution supports also real-time video recording and image capture.

visCo AS

visCo is an independent 3D visualization company, established in 1993 headquartered in Stavanger, Norway. By utilizing creativity, technical skills and high-end 3D technology visCo aims to maximize target audience’s understanding in an engaging manner.

visCo has chosen our technology as a core 3D rendering system for vCog Enterprise. vCog leverages a 3D scene of any subsea field, plant, rig or equipment – providing users with intuitive controls to zoom in and out, fly around, and identify the different installations thus elevating the level of situational awareness for its users. vCog Enterprise is the perfect tool for familiarizing new personnel with the company assets through linking the 3D models to data warehouse, P&ID data, and other relevant information.