A software suite for design verification, safety training and situation awareness.

VisStudio is a software suite designed for the offshore oil and gas, and maritime industries. It contains a collection of applications based on the same framework, which share a common user interface.

VisStudio addresses different challenges within the offshore industry, including design, simulation, training, maintenance and management operations. Considering competing solutions available on the market, our software solves these challenges by utilizing modern 3D computer graphics technologies, which can greatly improve work performance compared to text-based tools.

All applications within the VisStudio suite require separate licences and can be tailored to the unique requirements of our clients.

We would be happy to conduct a full demonstration of VisStudio for you. Please contact us to schedule a demo.

The main part of the framework, which is shared by all applications in the VisStudio software suite, is the 3D rendering system. It allows companies to import a variety of data types such as 3D-CAD, point cloud, multibeam , echo-sounder and seismic. Once all the relevant elements are added, the user is able to oversee the entire project through visual representation and easily create animations, add tags or comments, save viewpoints, and attach documents or links to important components.

The user interface is very intuitive, and large sections of it are shared between different applications. The controls are grouped with a set of toolbars placed on several tabs called the ribbon. This style of user interface will be familiar to users of the Microsoft Office package. In addition, the layout of the windows in the applications is fully customizable, allowing docking, resizing and hiding. This way, we make sure that even inexperienced users will quickly become familiar with the software and work more efficiently.

Another feature of the VisStudio suite is team collaboration. This value is captured by storing all data on an external server, ensuring that users always work on the most recently updated version of a project. The software implements innovative algorithms allowing project partners in different geographical locations to view and edit, even if the same data is currently being used by others. Furthermore, utilizing the cloud concept allows a single user to work on multiple computers without having to copy the data files between them. Offline access to previously opened projects is also possible if an Internet connection is not available.

All applications store data in a common SQL database. This allows external tools to easily exchange information with the VisStudio database system, allowing our software suite to be easily integrated into the workflow of big enterprises.

A video showing anchor handling vessel created with VisStudio.

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