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Companies manufacturing subsea equipment always have to deliver their products with a complete set of […]

Companies manufacturing subsea equipment always have to deliver their products with a complete set of animations showing how to perform installation, operation and maintenance procedures. These animations are used by ROV pilots, and are usually made by CG studios – subcontractors providing computer graphics services. The people making the animations are not engineers and very often have limited knowledge of how the equipment will work. Thus every work order is followed by long meetings required to transfer knowledge, and the chance of things being done incorrectly is high. There are also no specialized applications on the market to accelerate the process of creating ROV animations, and so generic animation tools are used. In addition, when the animation is finished, it is difficult to introduce any changes, because this very often results in redoing parts of the job from scratch. This all translates to high cost and longer production time.

VisStudio ROV Animator is designed for the subsea oil and gas industry. The main goal of this application is to provide a complete and easy-to-use solution for creating animations showing how the subsea equipment is installed, operated and maintained.

VisStudio ROV Animator allows the import of 3D models directly from CAD files (SolidWorks, STEP, IGES), and optimizes them for interactive visualization.

The application supports the most commonly used ROV types with a set of manipulators that can be fully customized. All ROVs are visualized with a high level of detail and unique controls. The navigation of ROVs is performed using keyboard, mouse and joypad. The ROVs can interact with imported CAD models using simple physics and collision detection.

The VisStudio ROV Animator application allows testing of the design of the equipment and procedures in a fully interactive environment. The user can save a state of the 3D scene, with positions and orientations of the ROV and parts of CAD models, at any time. This state is called a key frame. After capturing several key frames in time, the application can interpolate all parameters (positions and orientations) and create a smooth animation. The animation is saved as a set of key frames in the database system and can be easily accessed for verification purposes by other parties. Editing of animations is also very easy, and requires only changes in desired key frames. In addition, the VisStudio ROV Animator application allows the addition of text overlays explaining processes happening on the screen. The complete animation can be recorded at any time as a video of quality comparable to that produced by experienced professional CG artists.


VisStudio ROV Animator can be used in-house, and it eliminates the risks associated with exposing sensitive CAD files to subcontractors. The application does not require any specialist knowledge of animation and can be used by engineers with only a basic understanding of 3D computer graphics and experience from CAD software. In addition, introducing any changes to animations is very fast. Summarizing, VisStudio ROV Animator can significantly lower the cost of creating ROV animations and reduce the production time.

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